Walks at night…

Going for a walk at night is thrilling. I have to stay alert. There are so many dark and shadowy things. I shout at shadows that look suspicious (to keep me and mom safe). It has been a while since we walked at night. Last night was busy with shadows and shady moving things. Made me a little jumpy. Had to keep checking on mom. She seemed okay so we kept going. The night air was crisp and had so may delicious smells. There was something that had such a strong smell that I kept trying to get to. Mom kept pulling me back. Oh, I wish I could have investigated.

I felt invigorated (nice word) when we got home! Mom didn’t though. I tried to get her to play. I nudged her. I jumped and danced.(Got mad at my tail for swinging.) Couldn’t get mom going. But, she did give me the best scratch ever! I couldn’t stop my leg from jumping! She made me smile and yowl (that is happy growling). Life is good.


Old friend…

“If you don’t get around enough, friends get old.” Nikki the Dog

I saw my old friend bently the boxer today. He was on the other side of the street. He shouted stuff to me. I shouted stuff to him. He said his legs are bad and he can’t see too well. Said he doesn’t get out much these days. Told him I would try to stop again. His brown fur is mostly white now. Nice old guy. Haven’t  seen him in a long time. Makes me think I need to get around a little more.

Had a visitor tonight. She smelled nice. Extra kibbies and scratches behind my ears. Life is good.

It was hot…

“Life is simple. There are good days and there are better days.” Nikki the Dog

I saw the shitzu twins today. They bark a lot. I had to walk behind mom. I am not sure about them, but I like their lady and she likes me. I smile at her.

It was hot. We walked slowly. I spent a lot of  time searching in the grass for a few terrific smells. Heard my friends  shouting their greetings. Stubby was out tonight. I think he was mad at me. He made me walk on the other side of the street. My ear got stuck in my collar.

At home with mom, playing with brown bear, feeling the love. Life is good.


Riding in the car…

Went for a car ride tonight. I get so excited when I hear the jingly things and then mom says, “Come on Nikki!” I come in a hurry and try to help mom open the door (she is kind of slow sometimes). Then I rush to the car. If the door is open already, I climb in, check for any new smells, then I find a seat that feels the best and wait for mom to open the windows. I love when the windows are open. I stick my head out and begin my journey of a thousand smells. It’s wonderful.

One thing I have noticed, my ears feel funny. They feel like they’re waving or flapping or something. All the sounds are jumbled into a rushing noise. I have to pull my head in to see if mom is talking to me. It’s all good though. Ears flapping, rushing sounds, so many smells, there’s nothing like a car ride on a sunny warm evening.

Oh. On my walk today, I met howler and yappy for the first time in person. They are little guys. I was pretty excited to meet them. The three of us kept walking in circles around each other. I was ready to hang out with them for a while. The man and the woman they were with said they had to go. Too bad. They seemed like fun guys. Maybe another time.

A shout out to the boy, “Yo Bro!” (He, he) Mom says you finally checked in. Do your homework. See you soon.

A walk, a car ride, a note from the boy, some extra kibbies, life is good.

Sunday – doors & windows open

Great day! The windows and doors are open, great smells all around. In and out of the house all day. Meandered around the yard, sniffing, checking things out, stretching my legs. Talked to guy on the other side of the fence. I was glad he didn’t fall off the ladder. (He he he, didn’t know he was jumpy.) Sat and watched the kids across the streets playing, running and riding their bikes. Made me think about the boy and the girl.

We use to have some great fun. The girl liked to teach me tricks and liked to have me by her. The boy was a hoot! We played all sorts of running games.I use to love to play hide and seek with him. He could never figure out how to hide from me. I sometimes nudged him and he would stumble. I would grab his hat and run. It was funny to have him try to catch me. Occasionally I did let him. He was just like a fellow pup, all ruff and tumble. Sometimes he would blow in ear, now that was something I didn’t like. I would have to nibble at his ears and chin to get him to calm down. I could also just go by mom and she would help me with the little guy, I didn’t ever want to hurt him. The boy is big now, still does the same stuff. He’s just not around much. I miss him. Makes me sad.

Makes me chuckle to myself though when I think of tripping him and taking things from him, especially when he got so worked up. He, he, we had fun. Life is good.