Dreams these days

I haven’t been feeling right for a while. My back legs started feeling funny and now I can’t stand for too long. It’s kind of tough to get up and I don’t feel much like eating. I lay on my bed by my window and watch the squirrels run around. (Heh, Heh, funny little guys. I loved to chase them.)

I sleep a lot these days. Great dreams! The boy and the girl are in my dreams, they make me smile. I love them. Dad, and of course mom are in my dreams, they are always with me. All the kids I’ve ever known are there too, and my friends, Sammy, Frankie, Shelby, Stumpy, Yappy, all of them. We are always racing in the wind, or playing tug of war or hide and seek. I feel the sun on my fur, the wind in my ears, and so many wonderful smells dancing through my nose! It’s tough to wake up from those dreams! My legs work and I can eat anything that smells delicious!

But I do wake up and things hurt and I just don’t feel like myself.

I look around and there is mom. She’s always there. She rubs my head and talks to me softly. I am reminded of  all of those who love me. Life is good.



Walked through the neighborhood today. Lots of kids out. I could hear the sound of their laughter. What a great sound. Makes my tail swing. Makes me smile.

The air was rich with smells. It’s cooler and the ground is crunchy under my paws. Makes me walk faster and hold my head up.

Not a lot of shout outs from my friends today. Doors and windows aren’t open so they don’t know I’m around. It’s the first time I haven’t seen doodle poodle in a while. I miss that perky guy. He makes me chuckle. He he he.

Took a walk around my yard with mom. Sat together. Watched the kids run around, laughing. Got some extra kibbies. Life is good.


I must apologize to all who follow Nikki the Dog! She is upset with me because I have not had the time to sit and listen to her. I have been so busy, no time for my computer to record her thoughts. She reminds me that time together is so important. Nikki would like me to let you know she is still here and ready to share her thoughts.

Catching up…

Mom’s been busy. Haven’t had a chance to blog lately. I’ll catch you up.

Friday. 2 walks! 1st, dad. Short. No time to sniff around. 😦  2nd, long walk, berries on the sidewalk everywhere! Sniffed everything. Saw 2 friends. Chatted. Home. Kibbies. Good.

Saturday. Long morning with mom. Head on her lap. Vigorous scratching. Love. Out and about. Saw some friends. Ran a bit. Played with brown bear. Extra kibbies. Better.

Sunday. Another morning with mom. Found squeaky dog. Cool outside. Laid in the sun. Walk. Ran into the new guy in the neighborhood, Buster. Great guy. Fun. Would like to have a play date. (Do we do that anymore?) Berries- Treats! Kibbies! Laid on the floor with mom. 🙂 Best!

I had time to think about rain. It rained a lot. 

Rain. We don’t go for walks. Sometimes there are loud noises that shake the walls. (That’s scary!) My fur gets wet. Rain drips in my eyes. The wood on the deck gets slippery. The ground is soggy. Mud squishes between my toes (that feels cool). Everything smells different – fresh, deep, intriguing! Grass tastes sweeter. I love rain. Life is good.

Tall grass

There were great berries on the sidewalk! They were everywhere! I kept trying to eat them. Mom said no. She tried to pull me away. What a treat. I hope they are there tomorrow.

We followed a new path today. It was nice. There was tall grass. I love to walk through tall grass. I love the taste of tall grass. I was happy.

I got a note from the boy today. He said he missed me. I miss him too. He used to love to run through tall grass too.  He would hide and I would find him. (He he.) I wish he was home. I’d take him for a walk to the tall grass. We would run, he would hide. I would find him. He is away at college. Mom says it’s fun there, and he walks a lot. That makes me smile.  

Mom is here. I take her for walks often. She is patient. She gives me kibbies. Life is good.

Smell surfing…

Mom hasn’t been around much in the last couple of days. I miss her when she is gone.

Today was a nice day for a walk. It was cool outside. We walked fast. I met some kids. (I love kids) They had a very tiny dog. It was the first tiny dog that didn’t bark, yap or yell at me. I like that dog. I hope I see her again. Great Walk.

Then, a car ride. Ears flapping, smell surfing, sun shining. Life is good.


The girl is home this weekend! I’m happy. She smells good. She lays down by me. I like the sound of her voice. When I was a pup, she would lay near my crate. I felt safe. I would lick her hands and face. She tasted like sunshine.

Here she is, my sunshine. Life is good.