Catching up…

Mom’s been busy. Haven’t had a chance to blog lately. I’ll catch you up.

Friday. 2 walks! 1st, dad. Short. No time to sniff around. 😦  2nd, long walk, berries on the sidewalk everywhere! Sniffed everything. Saw 2 friends. Chatted. Home. Kibbies. Good.

Saturday. Long morning with mom. Head on her lap. Vigorous scratching. Love. Out and about. Saw some friends. Ran a bit. Played with brown bear. Extra kibbies. Better.

Sunday. Another morning with mom. Found squeaky dog. Cool outside. Laid in the sun. Walk. Ran into the new guy in the neighborhood, Buster. Great guy. Fun. Would like to have a play date. (Do we do that anymore?) Berries- Treats! Kibbies! Laid on the floor with mom. 🙂 Best!

I had time to think about rain. It rained a lot. 

Rain. We don’t go for walks. Sometimes there are loud noises that shake the walls. (That’s scary!) My fur gets wet. Rain drips in my eyes. The wood on the deck gets slippery. The ground is soggy. Mud squishes between my toes (that feels cool). Everything smells different – fresh, deep, intriguing! Grass tastes sweeter. I love rain. Life is good.


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