Tall grass

There were great berries on the sidewalk! They were everywhere! I kept trying to eat them. Mom said no. She tried to pull me away. What a treat. I hope they are there tomorrow.

We followed a new path today. It was nice. There was tall grass. I love to walk through tall grass. I love the taste of tall grass. I was happy.

I got a note from the boy today. He said he missed me. I miss him too. He used to love to run through tall grass too.  He would hide and I would find him. (He he.) I wish he was home. I’d take him for a walk to the tall grass. We would run, he would hide. I would find him. He is away at college. Mom says it’s fun there, and he walks a lot. That makes me smile.  

Mom is here. I take her for walks often. She is patient. She gives me kibbies. Life is good.


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