Catching up…

Mom’s been busy. Haven’t had a chance to blog lately. I’ll catch you up.

Friday. 2 walks! 1st, dad. Short. No time to sniff around. ­čśŽ ┬á2nd, long walk, berries on the sidewalk everywhere! Sniffed everything.┬áSaw 2 friends. Chatted. Home. Kibbies. Good.

Saturday. Long morning with mom. Head on her lap. Vigorous scratching. Love. Out and about. Saw some friends. Ran a bit. Played with brown bear. Extra kibbies. Better.

Sunday. Another morning with mom. Found squeaky dog. Cool outside. Laid in the sun. Walk. Ran into the new guy in the neighborhood, Buster. Great guy. Fun. Would like to have a play date. (Do we do that anymore?) Berries- Treats! Kibbies! Laid on the floor with mom. ­čÖé Best!

I had time to think about rain. It rained a lot. 

Rain. We don’t go for walks. Sometimes there are loud noises that shake the walls. (That’s scary!) My fur gets wet. Rain drips in my eyes. The wood on the deck gets slippery. The ground is soggy. Mud squishes between my toes (that feels cool). Everything smells different – fresh, deep, intriguing! Grass tastes sweeter. I love rain. Life is good.


Tall grass

There were great berries on the sidewalk! They were everywhere! I kept trying to eat them. Mom said no. She tried to pull me away. What a treat. I hope they are there tomorrow.

We followed a new path today. It was nice. There was tall grass. I love to walk through tall grass. I love the taste of tall grass. I was happy.

I got a note from the boy today. He said he missed me. I miss him too. He used to love to run through tall grass too. ┬áHe would hide and I would find him. (He he.) I wish he was home. I’d take him for a walk to the tall grass. We would run, he would hide. I would find him. He is away at college. Mom says it’s fun there, and he walks a lot. That makes me smile. ┬á

Mom is here. I take her for walks often. She is patient. She gives me kibbies. Life is good.

Smell surfing…

Mom hasn’t been around much in the last couple of days. I miss her when she is gone.

Today was a nice day for a walk. It was cool outside. We walked fast. I met some kids. (I love kids) They had a very tiny dog. It was the first tiny dog that didn’t bark, yap or yell at me. I like that dog. I hope I see her again. Great Walk.

Then, a car ride. Ears flapping, smell surfing, sun shining. Life is good.


The girl is home this weekend! I’m happy. She smells good. She lays down by me. I like the sound of her voice. When I was a pup, she would lay near my crate. I felt safe. I would lick her hands and face. She tasted like sunshine.

Here she is, my sunshine. Life is good. 

Walks at night…

Going for a walk at night is thrilling. I have to stay alert. There are so many dark and shadowy things. I shout at shadows that look suspicious (to keep me and mom safe). It has been a while since we walked at night. Last night was busy with shadows and shady moving things. Made me a little jumpy. Had to keep checking on mom. She seemed okay so we kept going. The night air was crisp and had so may delicious smells. There was something that had such a strong smell that I kept trying to get to. Mom kept pulling me back. Oh, I wish I could have investigated.

I felt invigorated (nice word) when we got home! Mom didn’t though. I tried to get her to play. I nudged her. I jumped and danced.(Got mad at my tail for swinging.) Couldn’t get mom going. But, she did give me the best scratch ever! I couldn’t stop my leg from jumping! She made me smile and yowl (that is happy growling). Life is good.

Old friend…

“If you don’t get around enough, friends get old.” Nikki the Dog

I saw my old friend bently the boxer today. He was on the other side of the street. He shouted stuff to me. I shouted stuff to him. He said his legs are bad and he can’t see too well. Said he doesn’t get out much these days. Told him I would try to stop again. His brown fur is mostly white now.┬áNice old guy. Haven’t ┬áseen him in a long time. Makes me think I need to get around a little more.

Had a visitor tonight. She smelled nice. Extra kibbies and scratches behind my ears. Life is good.

It was hot…

“Life is simple. There are good days and there are better days.” Nikki the Dog

I saw the shitzu twins today. They bark a lot. I had to walk behind mom. I am not sure about them, but I like their lady and she likes me. I smile at her.

It was hot. We walked slowly. I spent a lot of  time searching in the grass for a few terrific smells. Heard my friends  shouting their greetings. Stubby was out tonight. I think he was mad at me. He made me walk on the other side of the street. My ear got stuck in my collar.

At home with mom, playing with brown bear, feeling the love. Life is good.